Rosie And My Election Stuff 2017

Retire- Age 65 is normal and it shouldn’t change because if you retire any younger you might be wasting your life by just sitting round. Also why would you retire when you are still young and fit and you can still earn money. Once you have reached the age 65 at least you know that you have done something with you life, and now you’re at a good age to relax and sit back. (Also your body may be falling apart by then)

What for we vote for and why?             Labour- Mahana and I would vote for Labour because, We think Jacinda Ardern is a great leader and she tries to do things that New Zealand would need/like. Also She is a great public talker and she is young and fresh so she has new ideas to bring to the table.

Our own political party                    Mahana and I would call our political party Patimapa to represent the Maori and Pakeha people in New zealand. We would change the fact that some children don’t have warm clothes full lunch boxes etc… So by doing that we would fundraise some…

My Speech

Put your hand up if you have a friend? Put your hand up if you are the quiet friend? Put your hand up if you are the loud friend? Put your hand up if you are the funny friend? Put your hand up if you are the crazy friend?
Friends to me come in all different sizes, Colors, gender and culture. But the most Important thing about a friend to me is how we Treat each other, respect each other and how We support each other.
Friends make me laugh, my smile brighter and My life better. How i see my friends F. Fight for You R. Respect you I.Involve you E. Encourage You N. Needs you D. Deserves you S. stands by You.
We need to look after our friends because they are an important part of our lives. Without a friend It can be very lonely.Can everyone here right now Can you please turn to you friend beside you And give them a compliment a hug or a high five.
Then can you please sit down. Did you see what Just happened?  We were being nice. You should Do that every time you see your friend. Friends do Alot for you …

Hanmer Spring pools

As the sun goes and the moon rises we jump out of pola white. “Ready” we all yell with big red tomato cheeks. Walking over to the foot path i turn around “cheese”  Mum yells. She is standing there with the camera I smile. I see heta running then Isis whats going on I say in my head they both jump behind me “cheese” Heta yells “photo bomb” Isis yells. Something is going to go very wrong i say to myself in my head as they land one foot at a time on the ground. Walking up to the counter to get our wristbands for the hot pools. Heta puts his hand done in his pocket to get his wallet wiggling around Heta says “where is my wallet” he runs outside dropping everything then mum runs outside “I better go and help him she says “next” they lady yells. Running outside i say to myself oh no this could be our whole holiday gone. As i get outside i see mum and heta walking towards me did you find it did you I say in a nervous voice “yes luckily” mums says running inside i yell they found it. Looking …


Jews Presentation

The past couple of weeks my class and another have been doing injustice. Injustice is racism. Hitler did not like the Jews so he killed as many as he could but then he died from a suicide gun shot.

The Old Garage

As I walk into the ancient rusty garage a pile of dust hits my face “achoo” I sneeze. I look around up and down where am I it smells like Meow Meow when she is drenched. It sounds like cats scratching on the fluffy toasty rug. I walk outside. The door just able to shut. Outside the garage still stand tall and strong all day and night every year windy or not.




My Family

My Mums Family
My mums name is Katie. My mum has brown hair and she is a dental assistant and she  has a boyfriend called Heta. She is 32 years old.
Heta has two kids Jet and Isis. Jet loves to play soccer and rugby he is ten years old but two weeks younger then me. Isis loves to sit on the couch and play on her phone but sometimes she likes to jump on the tramp. Isis is 13 years old almost 14.
My grandparents live up the road from our school. They live on a farm but about two years ago my grandma died. So its just my poppa. My poppa looks after all the animals like bow but sadly bow ran away we don't know when we haven't even seen him for like two months. So its only sheep, ducks, chickens and one cat also we are getting another dog and horse.

My mum has two sisters auntie Mac and auntie Sal. Auntie Mac has one child called Kaia and one on the way she has a husband called uncle nick and they live right next door to me. Auntie Sal has one cat and lives in Richmond I usually go…